Our philosophy

The human body was made to move.  Explore and challenge yourself.  Embrace what your body can do, learn from what it cannot, and be proud of your progress.


Our speciality

At Empowered Athletics, we specialize in personal and small group (up to 10 people) training.  We pride ourselves on providing both personal training clients and group training members with the tools to prevent and address mobility and joint issues, increase strength, and increase aerobic capacity- ultimately leading to a more efficient YOU!  We welcome all ages, levels, and backgrounds.

Why We're different

Emily Kiernan started Empowered Athletics after realizing that much of the fitness industry lacks the “big picture” of fitness.  After competing in a variety of sports, cycling events, triathlons, and CrossFit to name a few, she realized that the emphasis on training is often in the wrong place.

While there can be some benefits, the focus often becomes less about quality and more about quantity.  For example- how many repetitions you can do in a certain amount of time, pushing through pain just to get your training day in, or placing too much emphasis on how many calories you burn in a workout.  The problem with these approaches is:

High numbers of fast repetitions will likely cause overuse injuries; pushing through pain doesn’t allow the body to recover and heal; obsession with caloric burn causes people to use exercise as a punishment for indulging in a meal.  

Our focus is a little different.  The goals of each of our workouts vary.  Sometimes they are strength focused; sometimes we want you to go all out at max effort.  But we ALWAYS want you to leave injury free, feeling  accomplished, and proud of yourself for what you did  that day… and with this as your main focus, you will still burn those calories, get stronger, move better, and feel AMAZING!


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